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Running Moblin 2.1 on VirtualBox

Tried few netbook linux distributions in VBox like UNR 9.10, 10.04; EasyPeasy 1.5, 1.6; xPUD 0.9.2; Puppy Linux 4.3.1; Browser Linux 360,362; MacPuppy Opera 2; eeebuntu 3, 4beta; slax 6.1.2; kuki 2.8; Jolicloud. Yet, unable to boot Moblin.

Finally, after reading this, Moblin 2.1 now can boot and run under VBox 3.1.6.

Here are the steps:
- Create a virtual machine with Fedora as guest OS
- Enable PAE/NX in the VM’s settings or it will complaint
- Boot from the live CD image
- Choose the option to boot for install or it’ll hang

- After installation and reboot, it will simply hang at the splash screen as moblin-dm seems dislike VBox display, I need to do following to fix it:

  • Upon beginning of booting, press Host-key and F1 to get into the boot loader selection screen.
  • Press ‘e’ to edit the boot command, and on the next screen, move down to select the 2nd item and press ‘e’ again to edit the command.
  • Press backspace to remove the last 2 command parameters ‘quiet vga=current’ and replace them simply with ‘3′. Just boot the VM into runlevel 3 (text mode)
  • Press ENTER and back to the previous screen, press ‘b’ to boot the system
  • The system will boot in runlevel 3 (text mode). Login ‘root’ user with password defined during installation.
  • Once in, edit the file “/etc/inittab” and go to the last line and change the line “/usr/sbin/moblin-dm” to “/usr/bin/startx” and save the file.
  • Reboot

- Now, it can boot but menu is a bit messy due to the screen resolution. ‘gcc’ and ‘make’ are needed before guest additions can be install. Thus, install them via ‘yum’. Go to Applications and Terminal. Execute ‘yum install gcc make’
- Once finished, in the VirtualBox ‘Devices’ menu select ‘Install guest additions’
- In the Terminal, execute ‘mount -t auto /dev/scd0 /mnt’
- After that, execute install script ‘/mnt/’. The guest additions will install now.
- Type “reboot” to restart the VM.

The VM now boots and the desktop is big enough for the menu bar to fit. Mouse Integration still not working but should be fine. It is a bit slow compare to other distribution.

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